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Tattoo Artist ~ Cliff C.

Hours:  Sun 12-6  |  Mon 12-9  |  Thu 9-5  |  Fri 9-5  |  Sat 11-7


My dear mother knew I was going to be an artist at the age of 4. I have drawn since I was 2-3 years old. I think that is my greatest talent, my drive to draw paint and tattoo. I excelled in school with my art. In high school I had the fortune of being taught by the late Ross Shellenberger who was my mentor and my biggest influence to date. Ross introduced me to watercolor painting, I had done hundreds of paintings in high school and continue to paint to this day. At 17 years of age I was drawing caricatures at six flags great America. Subcontracting under Fasen Arts. I attended American Academy of art in Chicago Il. In the fall of 1989. I moved from caricatures to airbrushing t-shirts, leather coats, motor cycles cars etc with in the next few years. This took me to Las Vegas, L. A. And then Milwaukee. I then was offered a tattoo apprenticeship with the now deceased Roy Boy in Gary Indiana in January of 1993. I spent another few years juggling tattooing and airbrushing before I decided to make tattooing my career. I have been in the Fox River Valley tattooing ever since.

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Piercing Artist ~ Kris & Alexandrea ( Al )

Hours: There is a piercer at the shop 7 days a week, Open-Close.

Shop Hours are Sunday 12-6 & Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm. 

Kris has been piercing in the Fox Cities and Oshkosh since 1997. The amount of friendships and other 

Professionals she's had the pleasure of meeting has been the best part of her job. Kris loves this little community

and all it has to offer. Oshkosh is her home and the place she wants to raise her family and mold young people

into strong, smart and confident individuals. Every person that walks through the doors of her Tattoo Shop, will

forever hold a special place in her heart.

If Kris is not at the shop piercing, have NO fear, there will ALWAYS be a Piercer there to help you with your 

piercing or jewelry sales needs. Alexandrea (Al) has been working for Kris going on 7 years and between the

two of them, they have made promises to many O customer that they are here to serve you, if the tattoo shop

doors are open, we will be available!!! 

Again, her hatred for TUNA, has NO LIMITS. GROSS!!

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Tattoo Artist ~ TJ R.

Hours:  Mon 11-4  |  Tue 12-9  |  Wed 11-7  |  Thu 11-4  |  Fri 11-7  |  Sat 12-9


I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, having grown up on a steady diet of cartoons, comic books, monster movies, and rock 'n' roll. As a kid and a teenager, I made my own comics and fanzines, and did art for local metal bands. After attending the UW system and FVTC and ending up with an AD in printing and publishing, I spent 6 years as a graphic designer. In 2003, I made a career change and began my journey into the world of tattooing, making art my number one priority again. In 2007, having spent four years at a shop in Menasha, I nervously approached Oshkosh Tattoo shortly after they opened and was hired on the spot, and have been here ever since!

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Tattoo Artist ~ Laura R.

Hours:  Sun 12-6  |  Mon 9-5  |  Tue 9-5  |  Wed 9-5  |  Thu 9-5 


Hello everyone! I have been working at Oshkosh Tattoo since 2010 but got may start in this fabulous industry in the spring of 2005. I LOVE what I do, and feel so fortunate to be able to do art every day! Tattooing and painting are my passions, and my family and friends are my life. When I was invited to join this wonderful family, I literally jumped at the chance to work with these incredibly talented people. We all have so much fun here together!

I have loved art my entire life, ever since I could hold a paintbrush, in fact. My dad was also an artist and we would draw and paint together when I was very young. I continued this passion all through college and graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Art in 2001.